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Assessing Your Business’ Communication Strategies for 2021

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

At this point in the year, the US workforce is more agile than ever. After spending much of 2020 working remotely in compliance with the nationwide shutdown, businesses have discovered that working from home, works. As such, we expect remote work and hybrid work to remain popular choices well into 2021 and beyond. With a divided workforce, strong communication will be more important than ever this year. As such, let's look at some tips to prepare your team for success!

Choose the Right Communication Tools

Selecting the proper communication tools is an important task, whether your team is fully remote, fully returned to the workplace, or somewhere in between. Be sure that you create an internal communications plan. A well-thought-out communications plan helps to identify what your team needs for effective communications. You may wind up choosing from a variety of resources such as audio conversations, video chats, instant messages, and email, of course. Chances are, you already have some of these bases covered, but adding the right tools for your business will give your team the flexibility to choose the best channel for seamless communications.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Many of us got a very close look at what life is like working fully remote last year. There are many benefits, but we can't totally disregard the drawbacks. Last year, nearly 73% of American professionals felt burnt out due to the lack of separation between home and work they were going through. With that in mind, our 2021 communication strategies need to consider that our teams may need extra compassion and support at times. A people-centered approach that values our teams' unique needs during this time of uncertainty will be sure to help foster a strong, healthy workplace environment.

Focus on the Frontline

Frontline deskless workers are the backbone of many businesses, but their communication experience often isn't up to par. In fact, 86% of business leaders admit that their frontline employees could benefit from improved technology-related performance insights. This year, go the extra mile by ensuring your unsupervised workers have the communication tools they need to perform at their highest level.

Revamp Your Communication Strategy with Pinnacle HR Consulting, LLC

Pinnacle HR Consulting, LLC is an interwoven group of corporate and frontline human resources leaders who formerly represented small nonprofit and large public and private organizations. We are at our best when addressing human resources needs with tailored solutions, the right balance of talent, support, and technology. Contact us today to discover how we can benefit your business!

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